ATLANTA, GA, USANovember 18, 2002 – Computer & Control Solutions, Inc. (CCSI) today announced its CLUSTERONä high-density Super Cluster Computer at the SC2002 high performance computing show in Baltimore, MD.

    The CCSI Clusteronä is designed for supercomputing applications, high density server installations, Beowulf clusters and other compute-intensive applications.  The CCSI Clusteron™ is a coordinated rack and Dual CPU server (Node) solution, with integrated cooling system, designed to support both AMD AthlonTM MP processor and Intel Xeon dual processor technologies utilizing an array of Tyan motherboards.  Dual Athlon systems support include Tyan S2462NG and UNG, S2466N, S2468GN and UGN and S2469GN and UGN motherboards.  Dual Xeon systems support includes Tyan S2720GN and UGN, S2721GN and UGN, S2722GN and UGN.

    “The Clusteron™, with CCSI Hexa-Side™ cooling, has excellent air flow management to insure Thermally Correct™ processor cooling.  Automatic air dampers maintain the correct air flow when a node is removed.  CCSI has engineered its Clusteron™ systems to run extremely cool and deliver full performance in the most demanding applications,” says Rockney Alavi, president of CCSI.

    Each node in a Clusteron™ cluster has all ports and connections front-accessible, so rear access is not needed – allowing the Clusteron™ to be mounted back-to-back or against a wall.  The Clusteron™ cabinet is 24” by 24”, with a footprint of just 4 square feet.   In a 10’ by 12’ room, you can install 18 Clusteron™ cabinets vs. 5 standard racks; if each rack is populated with 40 nodes, you can house up to 720 Clusteron™ nodes vs. 200 nodes in the standard racks (3.6 times greater density, plus superior cooling).  Circuit breaker power distribution panel and Baseboard Server Management Unit are mounted in the enclosure, along with integrated cable management and wiring trough, air filters, and many more features.

 “Tyan has long been known as a leading manufacturer of server-class motherboards and appreciates CCSI’s continued partnership in providing outstanding system integration and thermal management designs that enhance the performance and reliability of our motherboards; allowing increased utilization of our products in low profile systems.  We are particularly excited about CCSI’s new Clusteron™ clustering system which will increase our market penetration in the most demanding super computing applications.” Said Danny Hsu, Tyan director of marketing.


    The Clusteron™ will be on display in CCSI’s booth # 2022

    Clusteron™ is a trademark of CCSI.  CCSI manufactures rackmount solutions in Atlanta, GA, and has been a leader in rackmount technology for 20 years.  Visit us on the web at  and

 For more information please contact: Rockney Alavi at 770-491-1131 email, or Jay Aland at 770-491-1131 email